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5 Female artists to keep your eye on

Today, I wanted to share with your 5 of my favorite female music artist. Women make up such a small percentage of the music industry and it is so much harder for them to break through. As someone who is always trying to keep their eyes out for up and coming artists, especially women, I want to share with you some of the wonderful talent I have stumbled across.

1. Lauren Duski

I think it is very rare to find an artist that really tells the story you were struggling to find words for. Sure, songs pop up every now and again that express exactly what you need them to, but how often is it an entire discography? Lauren Duski is a singer- songwriter from Michigan and was featured on Season 12 of NBC's The Voice. She did not win the show, but after watching a few of her performances, I followed her on Instagram. In 2018, she released a song called Costume Party. A song I think most women relate to. It was a song that helped me through some rough patches and through my transition to college. She also has a few songs dedicated to her grandmother who passed. I too, lost my grandmother and Duski's song Loved Me That Way perfectly captures how it feels to lose someone close to you. And while I would love to break down every song in her catalog, I will let you go and discover. Just be ready for storytelling and a beautiful voice.

2. Brynn Cartelli

Brynn Cartelli is 18 years old and won Season 14 of The Voice. Since then she has released a series of singles and an EP in 2021. Cartelli's unique voice and narrativization of the adolescent experience is a breath of fresh air. While she has fun songs like Long Way Home and Last Night's Mascara, the standout track for me is If I Could. In this song, she tells the story in which she watches her best friend try to navigate an unhealthy relationship. In the song, Cartelli wishes that she could take her best friends place so that she can get her out the situation, but she will settle for the shoulder to cry on. This is a role I think so many people can relate to. Watching someone you love struggle with heartbreak and low self esteem is hard and you wish you could take their place and release them from that pain, but you can't so you must just sit by and watch it all unfold. Cartelli masterfully crafts these images and emotions.

3. Tenille Arts

Tenille Arts is breaking out in the Country music scene. Her single Somebody Like That recently went platinum and she recently toured with Lady A and Carly Pearce, two big names in country music. While she is a bit bigger than the other names n the list, I wanted to include her because she deserves to get looked at by people who normally wouldn't find her. Now, some of you might be turned off by the idea of country music. But, I will always recommend country music, event o people who do not listen to it. The key to making a country record is telling a story, which if you haven't noticed, I love. In her album, Love, Heartbreak, & Everything in Between, Arts covers it all. She talks about wanting an all encompassing love to falling in love with the right guy at the wrong time. She discusses heartache and the fun that is involved in first locking eyes with someone. Relationship high and lows, it's all in the album. And with her pop country sound, people who are not quite on the Country Music Train can still enjoy it and sing their hearts out.

4. Hailey Whitters

Now, Hailey Whitters is more for those who are on the Country Music Train. March 6, 2020 I stood in the El Rey Theater waiting for Jordan Davis to perform. I was reading a Twitter notification that colleges were closing due to the rising Coronavirus cases and the lights went down. Hailey stepped out in a white suit and sang a beautiful set. Two songs that stood out to me then were Dream, Girl and Ten Year Town. For the next year or so, Whitters's music brought me back to that concert and while I was trapped indoors, fearing a virus I knew nothing about, I danced around my room to Dream, Girl and did my homework while listening to her entire discography. Her music felt safe, felt reassuring. She has infused classic country with a modern twist that is intoxicating and highly underrated.

5. Gatlin

I came across Gatlin on TikTok and fell in love with her Indie Pop sound. I immediately followed her on Spotify and pre-saved her EP. Her single, What If I Love You, currently has over 1 million steams (and you should go stream it too). The song chronicles the feelings Gatlin experiences after a breakup. She is still looking for her ex's car and praying that she will run into them. She expresses that she should be "okay" by now but what if she loves this person? Anyone that has been through a breakup, shares these feelings and Gatlin has figured out a way to share these feelings in a fun, poppy way.

There are thousands of women I could feature on this list, but I will limit myself to these five. I urge you to listen to a few songs by each of them, I am sure you will discover a sound you did not think you liked or connect to a new song that you will have on repeat for the rest of the year. Music is so important and is a way we can relate to each other. Feelings you thought were solely yours aren't. You are not alone in heartache or grief. You are not alone in feeling lonely. Music communicates when you can't put it into words. When you are happy, there is music. When you want to curl into a ball and sob, there is music. So, again, I urge you to discover new voices. These five are a good place to start.

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