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Abigail went to a concert...Again

So, I am a frequent concert attendee. Within the last 3 months I have been to almost ten concerts which is a lot in comparison to my peers. The other day, I was on Instagram and I received a DM.

A girl, we will call her Sarah, had slid up on my story which featured my best friend and me at a concert. Sarah said, "Love to see it! You really do be living every concert goers dream life!" She then asked how on earth I could afford to go to so many in such quick succession to each other and how I could find such good seats.

I never thought of myself as an expert until someone was actually asking for tips. So, I decided to share with you all what I shared with Sarah.

Abigail's Concert Ticket Tips:

  1. Multiple Ticket Sites

I have a folder on my phone with Ticketmaster, AXS, Live Nation, TickPick, and SeatGeek. I check these apps as often as I check all my social media platforms (all the time) and I make note of ticket prices for the artists I want to see. I compare the tickets across the apps and try to see which platform has the best deals. If none of the prices are within the price range I feel comfortable in, I just continue to check until the tour date passes. It sounds like a lot, I know. And it is, but it is so worth it. I did this for months after Dan and Shay announced their new tour dates. I found tickets for the pit that worked with my budget and well, a picture is worth a thousand words so:

PS: Yes, he used MY phone.

2. Promo Codes

This one is always such a huge help! Certain influencers partner up with ticketing outlets and their fans can use promo codes to save some money. The main one I know is SeatGeek. I used their partnership with Youtube comedy duo Tiny Meat Gang, otherwise known as TMG, to get 10 dollars off my first order with SeatGeek. Since becoming a frequent concert person, I had to find another way to get cheap tickets that was legitimate. Enter Live Nation. This summer, Live Nation launched a "Welcome Back to Live Shows" campaign in which they partnered with certain venues and artists to give fans $20 dollar ticket options. Live Nation owns a handful of venues across the states, one being my local North Island Credit Union Amphitheater in San Diego, CA. With this limited time promotion, I was able to see the Jonas Brothers with my three close friends in August.

3. T-Mobile Tuesdays

Since I have T-Mobile I downloaded the Tuesdays app. I've used it to get coupons for various things, but the most important or should I say, most relevant was concert tickets. T-Mobile and Live Nation Teamed up and offered those same $20 dollar seats at Live Nation venues. T-Mobile gave me a promo code to use in the Live Nation App for the select shows, which were listed in the T-Mobile Tuesdays app. I noticed Pitbull and instantly looked to my calendar to see if I could make the show. Once again it was in San Diego. At this time (Sept.) I was living in Long Beach, so me and roommates piled into our car and made the drive. I was able to use the code and get all of us tickets and we danced the night away. So, if you are a T-Mobile user, get the Tuesdays app. If you aren't, just watch out for Live Nation or check to see if your service provider has a similar option. And no matter what, if you can see Pitbull live, DO IT.

And yes, my $20 seats were actually close. Believe me, I was shocked too.

4. Be Down for Anything

In the past, I only went to concerts for artists that I LOVED. This is by no means the "wrong way" to do it. Why spend money on something you do not LOVE? Because you get to grow and learn. My roommate found 20 dollar seats for Maroon 5 (Yes, it's the same amphitheater as the Jonas Brothers and Pitbull.) on TickPick and asked if I wanted to go. I will be honest with you all, I am not a HUGE Maroon 5 fan, but I am a concert fan. So, I went. It was so fun! Even more recently, my best friend asked if I would go with her to see Tame Impala. I am not too familiar with Tame Impala's discography, aside from a handful of songs, but I thought "Why not?" It was an amazing night. I think one of the best parts of concerts is the people you share your night with. Dipping your toes in different genres and trying out different artists exposes you to so many different types of people; people that you probably never would have met otherwise.

5. Save Up

It sounds very basic, but if concerts are something that you want to attend more often, you have to account for it in your budget. As of now, I am completely financially independent so I have to make sure that I put money toward rent, utilities, groceries, sorority dues, car insurance, gas, and concerts. Music is a priority for me so I include it in the budget. Since everyone's financial situation is different, the best advice I could give would be, when you can, put some money aside. So if one paycheck is a bit heftier, put a twenty in a jar. If you can do it for the next check, do it. Now you have $40 dollars for concerts. Now you can see the Jonas Brothers and Pitbull.

6. Look at County Fairs

Now, this depends on the fair but sometimes you can see concerts for free if you buy a fair ticket. This is the case for the San Diego County fair. Before the pandemic, I saw Dan and Shay, Three Dog Night, and Jana Kramer at the fair at no additional charge. So I spent the day eating good food and running around from ride to ride and then I finished my night with a fun concert from acts that I really wanted to see. Like I said, it depends on the fair. This year, Colbie Caillat and Natasha Bedingfield were at the OC fair. So, I bought concert tickets and did not need to purchase fair tickets. If I were to attend the OC fair, I still would have needed a concert ticket. The difference here is that the concert venue is just outside the fair whereas in San Diego the venues are within the fairgrounds. However, the tickets were still under 50 dollars and I may or may not have cried during "Fallin' For You."

7. Avoid Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram

Social media is a great tool, but sometimes it does not work in your favor. Freshman year of college my roommate said she found good tickets to see the Jonas Brothers on Facebook Marketplace. I thought the woman she was in contact with was someone she knew so when she asked me to Venmo her the amount for the tickets I did so. Sadly, the woman was not someone my roommate knew, nor was she someone who actually had tickets to sell. That day, we both lost money and were crushed. We felt stupid for being scammed, I felt dumb for not asking more questions. But, you live and you learn. And hopefully, I made the mistake so you will not.

Just remember, concerts are not always hundreds of dollars. Sometimes you can see three for the price of one, you just need to know where to look. Be open, do research and have fun concert hunting!

See you around,


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